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 The winner of the poetry competition is Jill Marie Merillo.  We will also be reading her poem on our radio show.  Please enjoy "He is the Sun."

Another poem we will highlight on our radio show is by Jassim Khan.   


  He is the Sun


He is the sun, that shines on my despair

Radiating a warmth of love so rare

His strength pushes the clouds of loneliness away

While on his pure brightness my eyes stray

His rays reach my waiting arms

To caress my cool skin with his charms

Sometimes blinding me with a heavy haze

Turning my head with his simple rays


He is the sun, that shines on my cold heart

Quickening it with promises to never part

Although the somber rains always seem to appear

His light shines through my darkest fear

Even waiting through the melancholy night

Cherishing the thought of being in my sight

Lulling me to sleep with his reflected glance

Shining his love off the moon like a dance


He is my sun, that shines on only me

Burning my life with strength to be

Fueling my needs with love and care

Holding my hand when I just can't bare

He gives me shelter with his fierce heat

With his devotion no other can compete

Night and day he proves his love is strong

But I always feel cold when he's gone too long 

By: Jill Marie Merillo